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The Great Egg-Build HOME Challenge!

The Bay Spring Community Center and PGW are bringing

one of our favorite workshops to you!

Friday April 10, build during the day and tune in on

Zoom at 4:00 to show off your creation!

The Great Egg-Build HOME Challenge!

What wacky creation can you design?


We'll put together a bag of recycled parts from our studio - foam, boxes, tubes, cones, google eyes, straws, and your favorite crazy parts from the Junkyard -

and we'll top it off with 5 plastic eggs! Local delivery or pick-up available.

Spend the day building and join us at 4:00 Friday on Zoom to show off your EGG-cellent creations! A car, a minion, a rocket - what can you imagine with a plastic egg?

*colors and shapes of materials may vary.


Please read our COVID-19 precautions below.


If you would like to purchase a Cool Shot glue gun like we use in our workshops, please follow this link to their site.

We also have a few new ones that we could sell with some glue sticks,

if that is more convenient.

=================== COVID - 19 Precautions ===================

All kits are made from materials that have mostly been in our studio for weeks or months. Any newly purchased materials are set aside for several days, and kits are assembled with gloves. Kits are available for pick-up on our front porch at our home in Barrington or we are happy to make local deliveries to your front porch. Please indicate your preference when purchasing. Egg-Build kits will be ready for delivery by Tuesday, April 7, in case you would like to put your kit aside for a few days before the weekend :)  Stay safe.


We look forward to seeing you again soon at the Bay Spring Community Center!

Kids-Build Workshops                                          At the Bay Spring Community Center

As part of the ongoing Artist in Residence program at the BSSC,

we offer weekend and vacation day Kids-Build workshops featuring building challenges such as Make-it-Float!, Crazy Cars, Egg Drop Challenge and our latest exciting Zip Line Glider Challenge.

We also offer workshops creating moving and motorized projects. And all include plenty of free building time!


Our Ultimate Construction free build and Building Challenges offer kids the opportunity to think and design for themselves. How do you create axles? How do you distribute weight so a car makes a straight path towards the finish line? Building challenges give kids the chance to test their engineering and design skills with their friends in a fun and safe environment.