What's new... project KITS !

We miss seeing you all in person, but please keep building!


We have put together some fun project kits for you to build at home! If you would like to receive our updates, please email us at ProfessorGizmosWorkshop.com or LIKE us on Facebook.




Pinball Machine Kit!

Build your very own light-up pinball machine! Choose from 3 different backgrounds - monsters, sci-fi, and fantasy. Kit includes all parts, paint, and lights, along with directions for a great

one-of-a-kind building project!



Recommended for ages 10 and up with a bit of adult help. A great parent-child project for younger kids.


Plantable Papermaking!

Make you own plantable seed paper in your own kitchen! Using a blender and butterfly mold, you can make beautiful homemade paper for cards, gift tags, and plant them and watch them grow!


 Furry Fashion Design!

Each young fashion designer will receive their own special stuffed bunny to model their clothing creations! Each kit comes with felt and fur, 4 pages of patterns, ribbon, feathers, trim, bling, and tie-dye oven bake clay for a complete fashion wardrobe!

Great Egg Build Kit

There will be plenty of plastic eggs and a variety of cool parts in each kit to

build with! And you can add more from your own parts supply!


What wacky creations will you design?

Ping Pong Ball

Launcher Kit!


Our all wooden launcher sends balls flying over 15 feet or more!

Comes with 3 colored balls that fit in holder


Kit includes all parts, paint, white glue, and directions for a fun building project!

Birthday Parties with Professor gizmo!



Celebrate your special day with a

PGW birthday party!

Free-building and custom  projects are offered.

Some prints created by our printmaking students at Hampden Meadows!