What's New... Home Building kits!

We miss seeing you in person, but please keep building!


We've been busy "kitting" some of our favorite projects for you to build at home! Please be sure to read our COVID-19 precautions at bottom of this page.


Pinball Machine Kit

Build your very own light up pinball machine! Choose from 3 different backgrounds - monsters, sci-fi, and fantasy. Kit includes all parts, paint, and lights, along with a digital download with pictures and instructions for a one of a kind building project!


•In addition to materials included in your kit, you will want to have a small Phillips head screwdriver, paper towels, a cup of rinse water, and a glue gun with

glue sticks. (*See below to order our recommended brand)


•Recommended for ages 10 and up with a bit of adult help. A great parent-child project for younger kids.


Choose your background!

Pinball Machine Kit


  • Available

Plantable Paper Kit

Make your own plantable seed paper in your own kitchen! Using a blender and butterfly mold, you can make beautiful homemade seeded paper to use for cards and gift tags. Then plant your paper and watch the seeds grow!


Each kit will be accompanied by a digital download with pictures and instructions.


*In addition to materials included in your kit, you will need to have a blender, a big bowl, water, and an absorbent towel or paper towels. Younger kids may need help with the blender and pouring.


Plantable Paper Kit


  • Available

Furry Fashion Design Kit

Each young fashion designer will receive their own fashion savvy stuffed bunny to model their clothing creations! Each kit comes with felt and fur, 4 pages of patterns, ribbon, feathers, trim and plenty of bling, as well as tie-dye oven bake clay and beading materials for a necklace to complete your bunny's fashionista wardrobe!

*colors will vary


Each kit will be accompanied by a digital download with pictures and instructions.


In addition to materials included in your kit, you will want to have scissors that will cut fabric and a glue gun with glue sticks.

Furry Fashion Design Kit


  • Limited Availability

Great Egg Build Kit

There will be plenty of plastic eggs and a variety of cool parts in each kit to

build with! And you can add more from your own parts supply!


What wacky creations will you design?

Great Egg Build Kit


Ping Pong Ball Launcher Kit


Our all wooden launcher sends balls flying over 15 feet or more! Comes with 3 balls that fit in holder (sorry, we choose the colors).

Ping Pong Ball Launcher Kit


  • Available

If you would like to purchase a Cool Shot glue gun like we use in our workshops, please follow this link to their site.


We also have a few new glue guns that we could include with glue sticks,

if that is more convenient.

=================== COVID - 19 Precautions ===================

All kits are made from materials that have mostly been untouched in our studio for weeks or months. Any newly purchased materials are set aside for several days, and kits are assembled while wearing masks & gloves. Kits are available for pick-up on our front porch at our home in Barrington, or we are happy to make local deliveries to your front porch. Please indicate your preference when purchasing. Stay safe:-)