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Hello, and welcome to Professor Gizmo's Workshop! My name is Gary Deslaurier, and my wife Annie and I have been teaching building, science and art based enrichment classes and summer programs at schools throughout the Rhode Island area for over fifteen years. We currently offer programs in local private schools, enrichment in the Barrington Public Schools,  and a series of classes for kids in conjunction with 21st Century YMCA throughout Providence. As guest artists, we have enjoyed teaching at the New Art Center in Newton, Ma, and at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. 


As part of our community involvement, we have participated in The Robot Block Party in Providence, the Steam Connections event at Barrington High School, Primrose Hill and Hampden Meadows school Math and Science Nights, and Family night events  at the Gordon School.

We hope to see you at our next event!


Schools and organizations that have hosted our workshops include -

The Gordon School

Moses Brown

St. Andrews

The Wheeler School,

Barrington Public Schools

Bristol public Schools

The Pennfield School

The Jewish community Center

Providence YMCA  

The Athenaeum Library

New Art Center

Walnut Hill School for the arts

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